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Vocal fold paralysis can have various etiologies. Indeed, it is important to find out its cause in order to apply the right treatment. Laryngeal electromyography (LEMG) can be a useful tool when it comes to diagnosing or excluding etiologies. When applying the electrodes correctly, statements can be made by reading only the electrical activity patterns.

However, LEMG can be challenging at the beginning, and a good application does require more than theoretical guidelines. Therefore presentations at conferences, meetings and hands-on-workshops are frequently organized and experts have been consulted to perform LEMG together with the trainees. Nevertheless, the majority of the existing learning possibilities are time consuming and costly (especially the hands-on workshops).

Computer assisted learning (CAL) offers a cheap possibility to spread knowledge – independent from time and location. Internet-based knowledge transfer includes flexibility in training times, adaptability in learning styles, interactivity and communication between the users.

Therefore this website was set up providing text and videos about LEMG. Additionally it offers a forum to discuss, to exchange know-how or just to get in touch with (other) experts. It also informs about congresses and workshops about LEMG.

Although this website cannot replace the existing workshops and expert meetings, it can become an additional training format which is cheap and easily accessible for everyone.